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Kit pour portail coulissant Nice ROBUS 400

Fabricant: NiceRéférence: Z1NEROBUS400
Contenu du kit
Opérateur pour portails coulissant Nice ROBUS 400
Opérateur pour portails coulissant Nice ROBUS 400
Quantité dans kit: 1 piece
Récepteur Nice OXIBD - BiDi
Récepteur Nice OXIBD - BiDi
Quantité dans kit: 1 piece
Télécommande Nice ON3EBD - BiDi
Télécommande Nice ON3EBD - BiDi
Quantité dans kit: 2 pieces
Photocellule Nice EPMB - BLUEBUS
Photocellule Nice EPMB - BLUEBUS
Quantité dans kit: 1 piece
Feux clignotant Nice ELDC
Feux clignotant Nice ELDC
Quantité dans kit: 1 piece
Pièces de montage
Manuel d’installation
Livraison gratuite

About the offered set

Kit designed for the automation of sliding gates. The basis is the Nice ROBUS 400 motor with the necessary accessories. The Nice ROBUS 400 motor can successfully operate gates weighing up to 400 kg. It is equipped with mechanical end stops, thanks to which you can easily determine the positions of the gate.

Remote transmitters

The set includes a Nice OXIBD radio receiver with two Nice ON3EBD remote transmitters - operating with two-way Nice BiDi radio technology. The radio receiver is equipped with an antenna socket, allowing, after connecting the antenna integrated with the Nice ELDC flashing lamp, the operating range of the remote controls increases. It is equipped with memory for up to 1024 remote controls.

Safety devices

The included Nice ELDC flashing lamp has a LED-light source and is equipped with an integrated antenna that increases the ability to receive radio signal from remote transmitters. In addition, the set contains one pair of Nice EPMB photocells, designed to protect people and property from being hit by a moving gate.

Toothed racks

The kit does not include a toothed racks, but is compatible with standard toothed racks with a tooth module 4. It doesn't matter if are made of metal or plastic.

Control via smartphone

The set is adapted to connect the optional Nice IT4WIFI interface allowing gate control using a smartphone with the Nice MyWelcome App installed.

Other control accessories

The set can be expanded with additional accessories such as:

  • wired and wireless numeric keypads that allow you to control the gate with a code
  • proximity tag and transponder readers
  • key switches
  • long range radio transmitters, with optional Nice OXILR radio receiver and Nice ON3ELR remote transmitters

Emergency power supply and off-grid operation

The set is adapted to connect the optional Nice PS124 emergency battery, allowing the automation to operate in the case of a blackout. In addition, with the optional Nice SOLEMYO solar power set, can operate in the off-grid installations.

Téléchargements, manuels
Instructions d’utilisation - Télécommande Nice ON3EBD - BiDi
Langues disponibles: EN IT FR ES DE PL NL RU
- Récepteur Nice OXIBD - BiDi
Langues disponibles: EN IT FR ES DE PL NL RU
Instructions d’utilisation - Photocellule Nice EPMB - BLUEBUS
Langues disponibles: EN IT FR ES DE PL NL
Instructions d’utilisation - Feux clignotant Nice ELDC
Langues disponibles: EN IT FR ES DE PL NL RU